About Crypto

Not so long ago, the crypto-currency named Bitcoin began to cost more than a hundred dollars apiece, despite the fact that the death of this currency was predicted repeatedly and with an enviable regularity. So what’s wrong with this currency? Why is it bought? How is it arranged? You will learn all this in this article.Bitcoin is the oldest crypto currency. It all started back in 2009 when the bitcoin network was launched. Bitcoin did not have a real turnover, and it was possible to get this currency by means of mining. Mining – generation of crypto currency through a special program. Similar programs perform various arithmetic operations, as a result of which the “reward” in the form of precious coins is charged. When everything started bitcoin cost a few pennies, and the mining of one coin took a little time, even on a normal home computer. The system is arranged so that the mining is gradually complicated, depending on the total number of points released into circulation. From this situation has changed a lot today. Now the usual computer is not enough for mining, this approach simply does not pay for itself in terms of costs. Now, for the mining, we began to use the video card, and for the mining we collect computers-farms, i.e. computers with 2-6 specially selected video cards. Now special computers are already being manufactured, grounded for mining, they are able to extract tens of times more coins a month than farms.

Bitcoin was originally created to become an electronic analogue of valuable metals. Therefore, the principle of development of this currency in some way similar. Bitcoin is a limited resource, and the system can have a maximum of 21 million coins. This means that at some point in the development of the system, mining will completely wither away. As I have already said, crypto-money like precious metals becomes more difficult to obtain with time, and more and more sophisticated technologies are required every year.

The very idea of crypto-currency sounds beautiful and saturated with the spirit of freedom. The fact is that the bitcoin payment system has a distributed and decentralized character, and it is not under the control of any authority and no state. People always and everywhere where there is access to the Internet can make transactions paying them bitcoins. Also, such a system guarantees a high level of anonymity, you can not be tracked by money orders and this bitcoin is better than any bank and centralized payment system. However, where anonymity is there and crime, so often bitcoins are used to pay online for goods and services of a criminal nature. It is also worthwhile to understand that there is not as such a system to combat fraudsters, so take care when transferring money.

Although bitcoin and the first crypto currency, but not the last. Bitcoin software has open source code and therefore anyone can create a project on its basis. That’s exactly what happens. Lately there have appeared many different: lightcolins, novakoyiny, sticks, etc. All of them are popular in one way or another. Many wishing to try themselves in amateur mining pass to these currencies, realizing that the complexity of mining bitcoins is already too high for their equipment.

Many people hope that younger crypto-currencies will rise in price in the future and it’s hard for me to not understand them. When I first learned about bitcoins (which was in the first months of the system operation), I decided that the whole idea “will not take off” and the currency will more likely rise in price than it becomes cheaper, but imagine what a surprise I would be waiting for today if I would then buy or namaynil several hundred bitkoinov and would have left them for your memory? Today I could be the lucky owner of a new car or apartment! If you stop a few days at low complexity, you certainly will not lose anything, but with speculation in the crypto-currency market you should be more careful. The bitcoin system remembers huge rate jumps, for example, once in less than a month the price of one bitcoin dropped from $ 30 to 2. In this plan, you need to be careful not to lose money.